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About Us

"Abode All" is the mission of hoMMission India.

Six years ago, foreseeing the demand for millions of homes in India, Salmon Leap searched for technologies to Manufacture and Install the
houses as a finished product. (with proven materials of steel and concrete)

The one-of-its kind 3-D Monolithic Volumetric Precast manufactures the buildings as minimal number of modules with NO VERTICAL JOINTS and is installed.

hoMMission India is a Joint Venture between Salmon Leap and the technology holder EmOlJac, Australia.

hoMMission has begun Designing, Engineering Manufacturing, Installing and Finishing the houses in India.

A villa in a week and a finished villa in a month are now a reality.

hoMMission holds a record in India by delivering a 5 storey building with 20 apartments in 33 days. (Including casting and installation)


Industrializing Indian Housing

The Technology Solution

hoMMission would provide comprehensive three dimensional modular concrete structure building systems that will revolutionize the way construction..

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The building system is a sophisticated modular precast building method providing a concrete structure finish which is accurate and with a high quality..

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Unlike the conventional and traditional 1D and 2D Precast methods, this technology is the new unique truly 3D, monolithic, Modular solution..

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The Construction Technology

Our Project

TATA New Haven, Boisar-II

A five storey building with 20 apartments was cast and installed in 33 days.

A two month long testing of the building structure, connections, joints as well as it's leak proof, seepage proof nature
was done by Indian and international inspection and testing agencies.

A virtual completion certificate was issued by the client after the building successfully passed all these tests.



Mr. Prince Stanley
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Ms. Sheila E. Britto
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